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I have a confession to makes and I’m sure many other people do this as well, I have kept hold of clothing “just in case”, and which I didn’t need any more,

When deciding to venture out as a professional organiser after working in corporate offices for many years, I kept some (but not all) of my old workwear. It wasn’t for sentimental reasons, it was mainly for the safety net that I had them there if I ever needed another office job. Maybe my new career path wouldn’t work out, maybe I would need to supplement my income at some point.

The “just in case” wardrobe

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Although I had enough space to store these clothes, I felt that by keeping them it was holding me back. If I ever needed an office role again I could buy suitable clothing. Keeping hold of these clothes was making me feel that I could go back, but that isn’t what I wanted, so out they went.

Clean slate, fresh start, whatever you want to all it, by discarding these items it felt as though a weight had been lifted. Of course, letting go did not determine how my new venture would work out but I wouldn’t have the idea of “old life” in the back of my mind, or wardrobe.

“I payed good money for that!”

The same can be said for holding onto clothes for may other reasons; someday they will fit, this outfit reminds me of a special place or person, I’m sure one day they will be fashionable again, maybe one of my kids would like them, and the obligatory “I paid good money for that”. The pressure is always at the back of your mind, letting go not only frees space in your home but also in your mind.

So eventually I let go of the final “just in case” items, I sold or donated and moved on without my old life holding me back or giving me a perceived safety net.

if you need help or advice on decluttering and organising your wardrobe; workwear, casual or children’s clothes, please get in touch.

Remember, I’ve been there!

If you’re ready to get organised and streamline your home, please get in touch.

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