New Year, New Home???

You wouldn’t be alone if you are starting to think about a new home.

The new year inspires many of us to consider a change, and with all the upheaval of the previous 2 years, then why not. Property valuation requests have increased on RightMove and the expectation is of a closer to normal market in 2022 and it being a strong sellers market.

In many cases our working lives have changed. More people are working from home and being in lock down certainly prompted many people to reassess their living spaces. Many people are looking further away from cities to take advantage of countryside living and the space this provides.

When I look at houses online (I’m nosey), the homes that I am attracted to are those with clear spaces, rather than those with cluttered rooms and overfilled shelves. It doesn’t matter if the home is small or large, how a home look on first sight is so important, and I’m not even buying! So to make your home memorable for the right reasons, taking some time to declutter and organise is well worth the effort. This could be working on your own or using a professional service.

Don’t Take What You Don’t Use

It also means that you won’t be paying to move items that you no longer need or love. Sometimes boxes get moved from one house to another and never get opened! Many people really only get around to a good declutter when moving. It’s easy to see why, it’s a big job.

Spaces that aren’t accessed in daily life such as storage cupboards, lofts, garages, sheds/outbuildings are easy to overlook. Do you push items into a cupboard and shut the door quickly so they don’t fall back out again, knowing that it will be weeks or months before you open the door again? Buyers will be looking at the available storage and if it looks like you can’t fit all of your possessions into the home, they may well think that they can’t either.

Show your buyers the best version of your home, with possessions that you clearly love, in a space that has been cared for.

Not everyone is in the position to move (or would want to) but there are things you can do do to make your current home work for you. Investing time in decluttering and organising will certainly make daily life easier. Take inspiration from homes online, check out Instagram and Pinterest, see what you like and how you could do this in your home. You also have more time, so break down the rooms you need to tackle into manageable chunks. Maybe just start with a draw, cupboard or wardrobe, you don’t need to do the whole house in one go.

Maybe choose the areas that cause the most concern and tackle those first. Spaces such as entrances and kitchens where the items have less emotional attachment may be easier for you and give you the most impact.

We are currently decorating our hall and stairs, just taking out one console table and taking pictures down really changes the space and gives a true blank canvas. This is the same for decluttering any area, take everything out and start fresh. Although we will still be using the same furniture and pictures when it all goes back (maybe not in the same places), just having that area clear really hit home on the importance of completely emptying a space. You can see more clearly, just like that time when you walked into your new home with no furniture or anything else to distract you.

So if you are looking to move or staying put, taking time to declutter and organise is time well spent. If you want to get organised once and for all, if clutter is causing chaos or you want to start on the right foot in a new home get in touch. I can help you and make the process fun (and nobody says that about moving).

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