Every Day’s a School Day

I love learning and am pleased to announce that I have completed the Centre of Excellence Professional Decluttering and Organising Business Diploma with a distinction.

We have far more stuff today than ever before, the average woman in the 1930’s had less than 40 items of clothing and wore them regularly (Cladwell). Today, she has up to 120 items of clothing but only wears 20% of them. That’s 80% taking up space and never worn!

This is the space you can claim back…

Many of us would like an organised home that works well for us, but then claim not to have the time or willpower to organise. Living in a cluttered home can cause stress and frustration,

This is where a professional organiser can step in, I can see a path through your clutter and can help you create systems to keep your home organised.

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