Decluttering with purpose

Sometimes there is a specific reason (with a time scale) for decluttering and organising, such as guests coming to stay.

I recently worked with a client where we had previously planned to organise the loft, but things change! On arriving and discussing our aims it was obvious that we needed to alter the plan. We decided to work on my clients spare room as she had guests coming to stay.

My client had boxes and bags of items collected over the years to scrapbook. There were also family photos and other bits and pieces both on the bed and stored inside.

Everything for scrapbooking was mixed together so my client had left the projects “for another day”. Who can relate to that!

By decluttering and organising my client felt inspired to start scrapbooking – the whole point of keeping these items in the first place.

By editing out the items that she didn’t need, my client now knows what to keep for future projects. It’s easy to keep every flyer, ticket, handout or sticker thinking that you will use them.

By having everything organised my client was inspired to start scrapbooking again, which was the whole point of keeping mementoes.

The mementoes are easily accessible for future scrapbooking, but the room is much tidier and organised. There is now space for guests – especially as the scrapbooking has started.

Is you spare room ready for guests?

Do you need to use your spare room for another purpose?

Is your spare room cluttered and unuseable?

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