Don’t Forget Your Garage

Garage Declutter

Is your garage in need of a declutter and well thought through organisation?

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, what’s the betting that rather than being used to house your car, it is used to store all manor of other things; tools, bikes, pots of paint, old furniture, fridges/freezers, garden furniture and accessories and other things you can’t even remember.

It’s all too easy to use large spaces such as garages for storage, there is usually plenty of room and of course, out of sight, out of mind. But this can be where the problem lies.

If you can’t remember (or easily access) what is in there, how can you find what you are looking for, it also allows you to put off the decision making process of what to do with items until a later date. Storing in the garage, which doesn’t usually affect your day to day life , allows you to store items in there rather than letting go when they are no longer needed.

Of course, this can be a huge task, so using a professional organiser can be a great help. I love the challenge of a garage (or shed/outbuilding) declutter and organisation. I’m not even out off by spiders and creepy crawlies!!! Getting things organised now is a great idea with good weather during the summer.

Contact me today if you have an area , outside or in, your home that needs some attention.

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