How it all began

My love of decluttering and organising has lead me to C Major Change, where I can help my clients define their space so that it is both practical and easy to maintain.

Hi, I’m Caroline, professional in decluttering and organisation

Having spent time working in various marketing roles and as a fitness instructor, I knew that I enjoyed helping people achieve their goals.

It wasn’t until more recently that I realised that what I really enjoyed was organising homes and helping people get the most from their space. After organising my home and homes of friends and family, C Major Change became a reality,

Seeing the process of decluttering and organisation is something that inspires me to find ways in which to help my clients achieve their goals.

Where I Can Help


Living Spaces




Home Office/Workspace



After working within the corporate world and also freelance for a number of years I felt like a change was needed.

Having experienced the passing of both parents and the subsequent sale of the family home, I realised the passion I had for decluttering and organisation could be put to better use.

C Major Change was a dream I thought might come true “some day” and eventually I decided to take the plunge. I love working with my clients, learning about how they would like to use the area we are working on and seeing how the experience can change their day to day life.

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