Covid -19

I will follow the H.M. Government advice as stated in their guidance Working Safely during Coronavirus (Covid-19). Published 11th May 2020. Updated 1st April 2022.

I will keep my clients safety as my priority.

I will contact you before I begin to make sure everyone is well within the household with no symptoms or temperature. 

I will travel to & from appointments by car.

I will provide PPE for myself and my clients (If required) including facemarks and gloves.

I will use anti-bacterial cleaner to keep the work area clean. (See HM Government Working Safely During Covid-19 in other Peoples Homes).

I will maintain good ventilation.

No work will be carried out when someone is self-isolating.

Recommended hand washing & sanitising will take place throughout the appointment.

I will bring my own food and drink to the appointment.

I will use my own tools and equipment.

I will take my own temperature daily

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the guidelines further.

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