Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact me if you have any questions that I haven’t covered here.

What does a Professional Organiser do?

Professional Organisers work directly with their clients, offering guidance, encouragement , support, strategies an practical help to organise various aspects of their homes or offices – and their lives.

I can offer a range of services including decluttering, storage solutions, time management and design.

What do professional organisers offer?

We offer practical and sympathetic help for our clients in all kinds of homes and offices. We offer hands-on decluttering and organising to make more effective use of space and storage.

What areas do you cover?

I cover Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Stamford and surrounding villages, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and also Newmarket and surrounding area. Find out more here.

Sounds great but how much does it cost?

Take a look at my fees for information on costs.

How long will it take?

This all depends on the space you would like to work on, how many items are in this space, what you would like to achieve and how attached you are to the items and how quickly you can make decisions.

Sessions are usually between 3 – 4 hours, this gives time to see results, my minimum is 3 hours. Decluttering can be physically and emotionally tiring so I limit my time to 8 hours per day. This is of course flexible depending on you.

I’m happy to cap the costs and session time dependent on your budget and we can focus on the important stuff, areas will really help you day to day.

A complete life transformation won’t be achieved overnight, but 1 session should inspire you to tackle future projects. Many of my clients keep me updated on what they have achieved after our sessions which I love to hear.

Do I need to do anything before we start?

It’s a good idea to start getting used to the idea of letting go of some items and understand that there will be changes in your home.

The decluttering process can be challenging (don’t worry, I am gentle!) and works better when you have considered that we will be discussing letting go of some items, many you may have held onto for years. It will take longer to work through stories and justifications on why you want to keep hold of items, this of course then effects total time taken.

You don’t need to have started physically started, but do try to think about what is important to you. What do you want the decluttering and organising process to achieve, how do you want to feel by the end of the session,

Try to recognise what items are used and loved, what items have been used in the past but are no longer required. What are the “what if” reasons for keeping an item?

I will work with what you already have for storage solutions, please don’t purchase storage boxes – they may well not be required. We can use old shoe boxes, cardboard delivery boxes, food containers etc. It’s a good idea to put these items to one side prior to our session. If you do require further storage we can look at options wen you have decided on what to keep.

You certainly don’t need to tidy up before I arrive, in fact, it’s better for me to see where I can help if I can see what is causing your clutter and stress.

Will you make me throw my stuff away?

Not at all, what goes and stays will be your decision.

I will offer different ideas and perspectives to help you to come to a decision. I will gently challenge you on the reasons why you are keeping items. Sometimes, items are needed but just need to be stored elsewhere if they are not used very often. I won’t encourage you to do this for all of the items though, storing out of sight isn’t always the best option.

How your home looks is entirely up to you, the aim isn’t to create a show home. This is your space and needs to reflect you. Why not take some time to consider how you would like your space to look and we can work towards that. Everyone is different and require different storage options.

Do I have to be there during the session?

You certainly do, decluttering and organising is so much more than a tidy up. It is also up to you what stays and goes.

I need to work with you to establish the best organisational systems and storage solutions that are practical for your household. If you need to nip out for a short time we can work around this. This is your home, and you need to take control of how it works for you to achieve long term results.

When you have decided what is staying, I can work to sort your items into logical categories and decide on the best storage solutions, there can be less input from you at this stage. I do need to have built up a working relationship with you so I can understand what will work best.

I love organising so will make the process as much fun as possible. Use my enthusiasm to help you tackle areas which are daunting, some of my clients have said that they would have given up on a task if I wasn’t there with them. I make sure all my sessions are fun and enjoyable for my clients, even if there are some hard decisions along the way.

Will you judge me and my home or tell others?

Definitely not, professional organisers are discreet and confidential and offer no judgement.

I am a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers) and follow their Code of Ethics. I recognise that it is a big step letting someone into your home and you may feel vulnerable. I respect this and understand that it is a brave step in asking for help, however small or large the job is.

Any reference to you will be anonymous, such as if a future client had a similar storage issue.

Any photos taken are with your permission, any future use is anonymous.

I’m not any tidier or better than you, I’m far from perfect! But I do love to declutter an organise and to help other people to do this. We’ll work together and you will bring your own strengths into our session. I always something new with every client!

Do you belong to any professional bodies?

I am a member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers.

APDO represents the UK decluttering and organising industry. Founded in 2004, it is now a thriving professional community with over 400 verified experts across the UK.

APDO is a not-for-profit association, funded entirely by membership fees and income generated through activities such as our training programme and sponsorship. Much of the organisation’s work is performed by members on a voluntary basis. The Board is made up entirely of APDO professional organisers. We have connections with sister organisations all over the world and are a member of IFPOA International Federation of Professional Organising Associations.

All APDO members subscribe to their Code of Ethics; implicitly by their active membership. As part of APDO membership, I am also registered under the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller (reference no. ZA818276) to ensure adherence to data protection laws.

What about COVID regulations?

Your safety is my priority.

I follow the H.M. Government advice as stated in their guidance Working Safely during Coronavirus (Covid-19). Published 11th May 2020. Updated 1st April 2022. Please take a look here, or contact me to discuss any queries you may have,

If you’re ready to declutter and get organised, please get in touch.

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