Double Garage Declutter and Organisation

I am so glad Caroline was recommended to me.  We decluttered our garage, which was full of stuff, a lot of it junk, and it was completely disorganised.  In just a few days, Caroline restored order, there was a place for everything, and everything was in its place.  Caroline made me realise I didn’t need half the stuff I had in there.  I had a few bits to sell, a lot went to charity, a fair bit was advertised on Freecycle and collected by local people, and we made 3 trips to the tip (with full carloads).  The garage has been transformed, and I have learnt the benefits of decluttering, it makes me feel good – it’s cathartic, so I have kept it up.  I have booked Caroline to visit again next month, this time to tackle the loft.  I think she is great value for money, I would recommend her – it is money well spent.  Thank you, Caroline.  

Jean, Milton Keynes

I was so pleased to help Jean organise her garage space. Being a double garage meant that there were all manner of things stored in their, plenty of space to put things for use “later”, or just not accessible

Everything out

It is so important to get everything out when decluttering, luckily we had enough outside space, and the weather was kind. Getting everything out enabled Jean to go through all the items and organise into keep, donate to charity, sell, recycle and a small amount to the tip.

By the end of the decluttering we were able to put everything back, everything had a space and the items were categorised so they were easy to find when needed.

Not everyone needs to see their car in the garage, they are useful storage spaces, as long as they are organised and usable.

If you’re ready to get organised and streamline your home, please get in touch.

Store room to bedroom

This room had been used as a store room / junk room for too long and needed to be returned to being a bedroom…

Caroline has been an absolute diamond, we did in 8 hours what would have taken me months. We ended up with just one big box that was to keep, about 3 big boxes for charity and 4 bags of items to sell

So Happy

Tracy, Bedford

After working for over 15 years as a childminder and also running an online selling business, my client had used this room to store a range of items for both the selling business and for use as a childminder. There were also personal items mixed in as well.

A change was needed, items were sorted into keep (for personal items), sell, donate or discard.

It was such a great challenge as there was a real mix of items that my client had decide what to do with.

The results were amazing, a bed and bedside tables were put back into the room and it is now being used as a bedroom for the first time in years.


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