Store room to bedroom

This room had been used as a store room / junk room for too long and needed to be returned to being a bedroom…

Caroline has been an absolute diamond, we did in 8 hours what would have taken me months. We ended up with just one big box that was to keep, about 3 big boxes for charity and 4 bags of items to sell

So Happy

Tracy, Bedford

After working for over 15 years as a childminder and also running an online selling business, my client had used this room to store a range of items for both the selling business and for use as a childminder. There were also personal items mixed in as well.

A change was needed, items were sorted into keep (for personal items), sell, donate or discard.

It was such a great challenge as there was a real mix of items that my client had decide what to do with.

The results were amazing, a bed and bedside tables were put back into the room and it is now being used as a bedroom for the first time in years.


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